December 8, 2009


About a year ago I was having lunch with a friend and she ordered a lettuce wedge with blue cheese as an appetizer. I had never ordered a wedge of lettuce before, only salads. It came and looked delicious even though it was iceberg and had zero nutritional value. As she ate this crunchy, crisp wedge I was very envious of her appetizer choice. A few months ago while walking through the produce section at my local market I remembered her appetizer and bought a head of iceberg lettuce and some Ken's blue cheese dressing. Later, I made myself a wedge before dinner. De-friggin-licious! Since then, I often eat wedges instead of a salad. The other day while shopping I thought I'd try a different dressing. I used to mix Paul Newman's balsamic vinaigrette with cheapo Kraft Zesty Italian for a nice basic tangy dressing. Since I had been eating Ken's blue cheese on my wedges I thought I'd give Ken's Italian dressing a try. Damn, this stuff is great. Instant flashback: When I was about 10 years old, my parents took me to a nice restaurant named Emerson's. I remember they had a salad bar, I had never been to a salad bar before (weren't as popular back then). I must have eaten about a pound of lettuce that night. I was amazed at the amount of things one could put on a salad. I remember their awesome Italian dressing and sprinkling parmesan cheese on top. All these new flavors and tastes, it was a food epiphany. Until today, I can't remember tasting anything like it. Ken's instantly reminded me of what I had at Emerson's. I'm going to eat a salad everyday until I'm sick of it.

This has been an art filled few days. Yesterday I went to Christie's auction house and saw a preview of photographs for the auction held today. Most were iconic images seen in galleries. Many estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. A great show. Today I went to a similar preview at Swann auction house with my fellow unemployed friends Todd and Bryan. Not nearly as good and Swann's presentation was sloppy...not nearly the class act as Christie's. Prior to that I had a nice Thai lunch with my friend Ron. Just as we left the restaurant I stepped in a big pile of dog shit which got embedded into my sole. I couldn't get it out. I walked in a puddle, stomped my foot like a crazy person, nothing worked to dislodge the poop. Damn I hate it when people don't clean up after their dogs. Ron got a kick out of my misstep laughing his ass off. I wasn't so amused.

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