December 6, 2009

Fall and Paul

The last remnants of fall are quickly disappearing. I was walking through the west village yesterday and saw these beautiful delicate Japanese maple leaves blowing in the wind in front of a townhouse. One by one they were rapidly falling off. A very tanned woman from California stopped as I was taking pictures and we struck up a conversation about how beautiful the leaves were. We moved on to a brief discussion of cameras, photography and art. Then we smiled and went our separate ways. An interesting New York moment.

As I continued my walk into Washington Square Park I noticed "The Birdman" Paul sitting on a bench feeding his friends. I sat next to him and we talked for about 15 minutes. He asked me to bring him a print next time I was in the park. He mentioned that many many people take photos of him feeding the birds yet no one ever gives him a photo later. I have to remember to do that. He's been feeding these birds every day for 9 years and has names for most of them...

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