December 31, 2009

Sax & Pears

Sitting on the 42nd street subway platform waiting on an A train the other night, this guy was playing Christmas carols on his saxophone. I'm not a big saxophone fan but it filled the station with the most beautiful sound, low and smooth. I know nothing about a sax but it was great. So friggin smooth. I only had a two dollars in my pocket and I gave one to him.
There are some extremely talented musicians playing under this city. Nice way to pass the time late at night while waiting on that A train to come.

I've been using Pears soap for the past 30 years. I love Pears soap. I recently bought a three pack at Rite Aid. The next morning while taking a shower I noticed that it smelled completely different than my last 360 bars. I was puzzled. After I got out of the shower I Googled "Pears soap". Wikipedia had information about the company and the last paragraph explained that in 2009 it had changed its formula entirely. It's been pretty much the same since 1787. I sent an angry email to Unilever expressing my bitterness over the change in aroma. The next day I went to my local dollar store and sniffed the boxes of Pears on the shelf. They still have bunch of the old stuff. I'm going tomorrow and buy whatever they have left. The last of my beloved Pears soap.
Another asphalt reflection.

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