December 15, 2009

I'm "this" close...

Yesterday I checked my email and was informed that my health insurance is going up $60 a month. $720 more a year for half-assed coverage. Actually worse coverage than the previous year. Pay more, get less, nice. Then I'm watching some news show and they're at some rally where all these people are protesting any attempt at a healthcare plan. Besides the fact that most of the protesters are uneducated, blue-collar, rebel flag waving rednecks, I couldn't help but wonder why they are so opposed to any type of plan which might actually be good for the country. Seems we are the only industrialized country in the world without universal healthcare. How is it that Spain, Finland, Canada, Portugal, Hong Kong, Singapore, all of Europe and South America (and most of the world) can offer a better healthcare system than the U.S.? Basically, it's us and Africa without a plan. One moronic imbecile screamed into the tv camera..."If our healthcare is so bad, why do people come from all over the world to use it?". Well, Mr Redneck toothless asshole... We DO have great care and technology but we pay out the ass for it. And yes, anyone can go to Sloan Kettering and receive the best cancer care in the world as long as they can prove they have at least $320K in assets before they'll let you in the door. And, more than likely, Mr Redneck toothless asshole, YOU wouldn't qualify to get into Sloan anyway. You dumb bastard. People come here clinging to the hope of being cured by our unquestionably great medical technology. But, they pay, and they pay lots. The reality is, if you live here and don't have really great health coverage and lots of money, you're not getting into Sloan.
I just find it weird that we can't get our shit together regarding healthcare. People are screaming that they don't want to pay for someone else's problems... Well I can toss out a list of shit I don't want to pay for. Like someone's kids going to the doctor every week. Or, the fat bastard who won't stop eating junk food, going to the doctor for all his health problems all due to his crappy diet.... Or, how about George Bush's war(s) he started that are draining this country dry. I don't want to pay for that. I'd rather my tax dollars go to healthcare than a bomb, bullet, jet or tank. The 2010 defense budget for the U.S. is estimated at somewhere between $880 million to 1 trillion. That's 9 times higher than China's. And we can't afford healthcare? Maybe the U.S. is a tad paranoid given our HUGE defense spending?

So, I'm "this" close to bailing out. I looked at Airstreams again on Ebay last night and fantasized about living in one out in the woods. I'll cancel my insurance, make art, eat organic food, go off the grid, throw my cell phone in the trash, try to reduce my income tax to a minimum and get a clunker piece of crap car. I'm paying over $5K a year for crappy health coverage, $1500 a year for a cell phone, internet connection, cable tv, high rent, high food prices and high taxes. I'm tired of all of it. Life shouldn't be this complicated nor expensive. I only blame myself for being sucked into all of this.

NOTICE: Marriage proposal:
I need to get married.. Seriously! Anyone who wants to marry a broke, frustrated, semi unemployed photographer please email me. Sounds enticing eh? I don't NEED a wife, I need cheap reasonable health coverage. If you don't have a healthcare plan through work please do not apply. Oh, and you have to like Airstreams (and minimalist living).

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