April 27, 2011

Grounds for Divorce

There are two kinds of sleepers: beautiful sleepers and ugly sleepers. Sadly, a person rarely ever knows which they are. I doubt anyone ever tells their significant other, "Damn you're ugly when you sleep."

I remember years ago I would occasionally fall asleep on Mario's couch and when I woke up he'd be giggling like a little kid. Thinking he painted something on my face with a Magic Marker, I'd say in a suspicious voice, "What'd you do to me?" Then after a few minutes of making me sweat, he'd show me photos he had taken of me while I was sleeping. Usually curled up on my side, hands clasped together and pinched between my thighs in a semi fetal position. Mouth closed and content looking. Not so bad really. He thought it was hilarious. Actually, I looked almost exactly like my previous post from a few days ago of the little brown man asleep on the ground next to the door.

On Sunday it was sunny and beautiful, in the high 70s. While walking through Central Park I came upon this ghastly sight lying on a bench. WAY beyond "ugly sleeper" status. I had to take a photo of this hideous creature. Without a doubt, the ugliest sleeper I've ever seen in my life.
Personally I think ugly sleeping should be justified grounds for divorce. Who could possibly get sexually aroused after looking at something like this night after night? It's repulsive. That limp drooping face, mouth gaping wide open, looking like death. If that's not a BK (boner killer) I don't know what is.

Is that a man or a woman? Whatever it is...it's frightening.

Saw this oddly lit corner on 4th Ave and East 12th street.

I know, this looks like a photo I may have taken in my Photo 101 class 30 years ago at NOVA. I was walking around the Central Park sailboat pond when I spotted these two geese standing on a drain cover. I found the the reflections to be somewhat interesting. What can I say?

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