April 18, 2011

Another Day in Paradise

Another Subway Tale:

So tonight I hopped on the A train headed home after shooting all day on 59th street. I'm sitting across from five flamboyant gay guys all laughing, singing, talking loud and being very "gay." The mannerisms, the hand gestures...very affected. They were causing quite the scene but no one seemed to care. There was also a plump boisterous woman in the middle of them (their f#g hag) having fun with her little "girlfriends." A seat opened up a few feet away and I sat there not paying them any attention. Suddenly (again) I hear people gasping and mumbling, "Oh no...." I glanced to my right just in time to see one of the stylish boys with vomit dripping from his mouth and about a gallon of what looked pancake batter in his lap, in his seat and all over the floor. All I could think of was, "What the hell had he been eating? Pig slop? Hummus?" And, just like yesterday when the bum peed, people got up and scattered. Someone handed him a big wad of napkins and he began to smear the mess around his pants attempting to wipe it off but ended up pushing it onto the floor. He mumbled "Sorry" a few times as the stared at his lap, mortified by what had just happened. It was truly disgusting. And what the hell WAS that pancake batter looking stuff?

I really have to stop riding the train so much.

Spring has sprung (I think). This guy drags this upright piano out into Washington Square Park and plays for money. He invites others to play as well. I've seen him rolling the piano home late in the afternoon up Bleecker Street. If you ever want to get your kid involved in music I suggest buying him a harmonica or a flute, maybe the triangle. Something a bit easier to carry around.

The other day it was beautiful. In the high 70s. People were confused with what to wear. I saw a girl in a bikini laying in the park and and hour later this old woman dressed like it was winter with an umbrella...it was sunny.

Standing on the elevated #1 train platform up in the Bronx, I looked over the side to watch the people below (I like to do that). I saw this guy standing there staring at the wall and shuffling his feet. He was there for the longest time.

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