April 23, 2011

A Pooch, Carts and Gas

Today, after leaving Conde Nast, I saw this little dog sitting out in front of a bar patiently waiting for his owner. I wondered how long he had been sitting there. I really wanted to pet him but didn't. Instead, I just stood there looking at him. He seemed very sweet. I felt sad for that little dog even though he looked somewhat content watching the passersby.

Look how he rests his little butt on the planter thing.
I truly wanted to yell at his owner for being neglectful and then dog-nap him.

While in Virginia last week I stopped by Costco and noticed this long caterpillar of carts in the parking lot. I stood there for a few minutes watching people adding to it. People saw me taking photos of it and scratched their heads probably wondering why. Frankly, I found it odd but I guess it's a normal occurrence in the burbs.

Walking through my Dominican ghetto neighborhood I noticed the current price of gas. Suddenly I was thankful I didn't own a car. Still cheap by world standards where a gallon of gas in England is more than $8.

Then again, on the NYC subway you can travel 30+ miles for $2.25. A comparative bargain (if you don't mind watching degenerates pee and vomit).
Reminded of that, suddenly I want a car.

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